My original post in the beginning of the year was this : As a student and soon to be worker in the workforce, it is important for me to work on my critiquing skills. Sometimes I feel as if I am too honest and although honesty is a great tool, sometimes it is too powerful. I feel as though when I am presented with a creative question, I sometimes tell the artist the brutal truth. I think it would be more effective if I presented my opinions as questions and alternatives. Although I believe telling the truth is important it is also important to be nice about how you critique someones work. I will try my best to stay honest, but also be mindful of the artists feelings.

REFLECTION: After reading my original post, I have realized that I have progressed and gotten closer to my goal of critiquing more effectively. This aspect of teamwork has always been a challenge for me because it involves the other persons feelings. In this day and age everyone is hyper-sensitive and it seems as though one wrong word and the whole tower of cards falls down. Over these last few months, our class has been involved in a lot of team work. This has enabled me to engage with my team members and give them honest feedback. I feel as though I have been honest, but given the feedback in a lighter way. I have thought longer about how to phrase things rather than go with my gut reaction. I still give them the feedback they need, just not as harsh. I am very happy I took this class because it has real world applications. Not only have I learned how to be a better critic, I also am a better public speaker.

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