CCI Showcase

I have gone to the CCI Showcase to display both my internship and the work I have completed in Programmable Microcontrollers, INF 496. My internship with has taught me how to be a team player in a startup culture. The company has developed an online platform to create interactive online resumes. These resumes are geared towards people that have media production work that they would like to showcase. When I arrived at the company it was only four of us and now we have grown to over eight staff members. Watching the team double has been amazing because you can tell that we are moving in the right direction.

After showing off my work at the CCI showcase, I understood the power of getting in front of people and directly promoting the brand. Since I was so used to cold calling and spamming out emails, it was a nice change to actually promote the brand in person. One idea that people at the showcase were interested about was a focus group. I will be holding it this week and the point is to figure out what students think about infographic resumes. I am excited to conduct the group as I have only been a part of a focus group from the other side. I am also very excited to hand the baton to the next CCI student and let them take over my internship for the following semester. I will still be available to them as a resource guide and a mentor even though I will most likely move in a new direction.

I also presented an alarm clock that a friend and I developed from scratch. This was a very fun and unique experience because we were in charge of manipulating both the hardware and the software. We had to use resistors to make sure we didnt short out our work and we learned the basic principles of electrical engineering. The end product was an alarm clock that actually had an alarm that could wake you up. Being able to see something that we built and fully coded was extremely gratifying.


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