Addictive behavior in the tech space

My article is a review of an interesting book called Addiction by Design.

The article points out some very good points that addiction can be manifested in both a gamblers mind and the machines that they play. The article shows that most players are addicted to video gaming systems like video poker and slot-machines. This type of gaming accounts for most of the addiction, the part i found most interesting. I thought that players would be most attracted to the table games, but I was wrong. Another interesting fact is that a majority of these video gambling addicts are women. When asked what was most addicting about the gaming systems, most women said that it took their mind off of their current anxieties. With flashy animations and loud sounds, many people are attracted and sucked in forever. It is important to understand that the addiction cannot be blamed on either the player or the machines’ designers. I wonder who we should really blame?

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