Social Network Movie Thoughts

1. Facebook as a technological innovation: Revolutionary, expansive, communicative, dynamic, social

I believe these words are a great representation of Facebook as an innovator. Multiple cultural revolutions have been started on Facebook. Middle eastern tyrants and dictators have been overthrown using Facebook as a tool to motivate and distribute plans. Through the platform’s power of communication, it is not hard to believe that thousands of people could be brought up to date on a political situation faster than they could have if they resorted to traditional media practices. Facebook has also grown exponentially in the past 9 years now boasting over 1 billion users. 
2. Mark Zuckerberg as a CEO and technologist: Intelligent, creative, innovative, persevering, d-bag

In order to be a CEO of a billion dollar company, you must be a cut-throat businessman. I think the movie exemplified this aspect of his personality. Zuckerberg is undoubtedly a genius, but it also easy to understand that his social skills are not as perfect. Many geniuses are not as adept in social situations which may have led Zuckerberg to ditch his original business partners. The movie also shows how little sympathy he has for the Winkelvoss twins, another personality issue that proves his narcissism is overpowering. 
3. Facebook’s challenges: Privacy, security, storage, functionality, connecting

As a member of the Facebook community, I am most concerned about the privacy regulations Since it is the most popular social network, other sites will use the precendents set out by court rulings involving facebook. This means that it is important to keep the client protected at all costs. If Facebook is unable to protect its user’s privacy then no other site will stand a chance. I am very worried that my picture and my likeness will be used to advertise companies that I know nothing about. I believe facebook is a bit too invasive at thi point and the community is definitely in agreement with me.
4. Facebook’s successes: Networking, money, expansion, diversity, entertainment

Facebook has allowed millions of users to re-connect after years of being separated. Personally, I have connected with people I used to go to summer camp over 6 years ago! I was not surprised to find these people because Facebook’s networking system allows for people to be suggested based on your current friend database. The idea that everyone is connected through very few degrees allows people to re-connect after decades. The networks created do not always have to be personal. I have created business networks on facebook and have even managed a company’s facebook, giving me a different perspective.

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